Sports Shoe Exchange

Leeston Physio is now operating a Sports Shoe Exchange from their Clinic.  

We have recognised the need for this service in our community and decided we were the perfect business to do it as we are aware of the advantages of kids/teenagers and adults being involved in sports and want to help.

Many kids/teenagers grow out of their sports shoes/boots before they have had much wear. If these families could donate these old shoes/boots to us and then other families can come and access these shoes. When collecting a pair of shoes we ask for an item of non-perishable food for the local Ellesmere Foodbank in exchange.

Therefore we would appreciate any donations of old clean sport shoes/boots in good condition.  You can drop them off to Leeston Physio, 5 Gallipoli Street Leeston during our opening hours:

Monday 8-6pm

Tuesday 8-3pm

Wednesday 8-6pm

Thursday Closed

Friday 8-5pm

Once we have a good supply of sports shoes/boots we will advertise that people can contact us to make a time they can come and select a pair of sports shoes/boots in exchange for a non-perishable item of food.